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Envisioning an enabled tomorrow for today’s generation, Zity Botz has curated a careful curriculum for skill learning. We feature four categories of coursework, each dependent and advanced according to the learner’s age and abilities. What makes Zity Botz stand out amidst its competitors is nothing but this integrated STEAM education module that will cater to the learners’ holistic development.

Unlike traditional learning, the ward will leave nothing behind while moving on to the next level. The learner will be able to continue his STEAM learning along with and till the end of his schooling. Shaping the learners’ skills with innovation and creativity, Zity Botz’s courses will guide their thoughts from the cradle to the grave.





  • Category l
  • A.I – Robotics – Games

    Zity Botz begins the efforts to shape the future from the root level of education. The CATEGORY-1 coursework of STEAM learning from Zity Botz focuses on learners from KG to Grade II. The curriculum for this level will introduce the learners to the world of STEAM learning by providing a strong foundation about topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Games, etc.

    The learners’ thoughts will be nourished through creative tutoring methods integrated with the most sophisticated technology. Spanning through a period of almost four years, the coursework will provide the learners hands-on sessions in learning with proper assessment and, on completion of the level, a certificate for Junior Investigator’s rank.

  • Category ll
  •     Learning is an unending process, and Zity Botz makes it integrated and innovative. In CATEGORY-2, the learner will resume his studies from where he left off in the previous level. An in-depth understanding of the knowledge catered already is what is done here. CATEGORY-2 comprises coursework for learners who are in Grades III to V.

    The tutors will teach the learners the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence through Block Coding. Through creative teaching methods, the learners’ prior learning experiences in CATEGORY-1 will be recalled. They will work towards achieving the certificate of Explorer rank in CATEGORY-2.

  • Category lll
  • As the learner grows, Zity Botz provides him a better grasp of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The CATEGORY-3 is cumulated for advanced learning in Grades VI-VIII. The familiarity with the Artificial Intelligence, Coding, and other topics that the learners now possess will help them learn.

    Apart from Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, the learner will be introduced to Hardware assembling and Web design or App development in this module. Dwelling deeper on science’s intricacies, the learners will be able to pose themselves against the advanced challenges in their course to achieve the Researcher rank certificate. The hands-on sessions will provide the learners with familiarity and subjective experience in learning. The tutors will holistically assess each candidate on his learning development and will guide him to excellence.

  • Category IV
  • All’s Well That Ends Well; With the CATEGORY-4 course work that focuses on learners from Grades IX to XII, Zity Botz’s  holistic curriculum comes to the concluding phase. Being trained to function within the most sophisticated technological aspects for the past years, all that the learner requires in this phase is a fine-tuning of the skills that he has acquired.

    In CATEGORY-4 course work, Tutors will enhance the learners’ abilities to work with Artificial intelligence, Robotics,  Hardware assembling, Web design or App development, and novel technologies such as 3D printing. They will be able to do advanced coding, web designing, or app development  by themselves in this phase.  By the completion of CATEGORY-4 coursework, learners will be awarded the Scholar rank’s certificates.


    GRADE KGs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    AI & Robotics
    Hardware Assembly
    Block Coding
    Web Design or App Development
    3D Printing