SHOP Preparing Prodigies AI and Robotics for Young Learners

Zity Botz aims to educate your child on AI and Robotics. Along with their school curriculum, Zity Botz will guide them to the world of STEAM learning, enhancing their skill sets. Divided into four categories spread across varying grades, Zity Botz will introduce your child into the world of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Gaming, Coding, Web-designing, App Development, 3D printing, and other new day technologies. While teaching minor grades with Block Coding software, the Arduino IDE platform will be used in higher grades.


A flagship project of Zillion Nerves Innovative Technology

Why We're Better?

What makes us better is our approach towards students in terms of training.
We provide students with the opportunity to make mistakes to learn from and to deeply understand each concept.
Our workshops are designed as such to help students understand the importance and potential of teamwork.


Robots are the future of Mankind!

Why Zity Botz for your child?

ZityBotz provides A to Z knowledge to your child. The program has been developed to help younger generations confront upcoming challenges. Keeping in mind the updations in the school curriculum according to the National Education Policy, our modules have been designed especially for school students ranging from classes KG to XII.

Expert Advisors

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Certified Programs

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