Life is all about overcoming challenges and winning your way ahead. So is playing a video game. But what if we tell that you could win your way through life using games? Believe us; that is the best thing to happen. A career in the gaming industry is often underrated. However, it something rare that will actually let you have fun and earn well.

The gaming industry’s revenues gross more than any other in the entertainment industry. From the 1970s to the present day, the gaming industry and experience has evolved beyond imagination. In the contemporary COVID world, gaming is more than companionship for many. Though everyday entertainment evolves, gaming retains its place through adaptation.

Taking gaming as a pass time or as a silly interest is expected. But, when a person can consider something so neglected in its seriousness, he starts to walk on the path of success. By investing oneself and dedicating a career to gaming, a person utilises both creativity and technical knowledge. The gaming industry offers various opportunities for an individual to find success, and it is not limited to playing games.

After Schooling, a student who has a tremendous interest in computer technology can look into a spectrum of career opportunities in the gaming industry. From writing the script to animating and designing the games, students can work according to their interest.

If you’re interested in digital art, your distance from being a game animator is very less. By combining art and technology, game animators deliver the interactive graphic interface for an immersive gaming experience. This designation requires creative and computational expertise at the same time.

Another exciting career is that of a game producer. A video game producer is involved in planning, coordinating, and supervising the entire gamedevelopment cycle. They are part editors, part producers, part managers of the product. They perform the crucial tasks of scheduling, budgeting, developing, editing, and licensing the project to scale. A video game producer is the one to help guide the project towards a final shelf date.

In the gaming industry’s technology-specific career opportunities, we have the Game Programmer: Video game programmers are involved in the development of codebases for video games. They work primarily on game development tools and gaming programs. Therefore, as a game programmer, the work will be extensively on game programming, which requires coding and software programming expertise. This is one of the most preferred choices for those looking for a career in gaming.

               Besides this, we have fun jobs like that of a Game Tester. The role of a video game tester is no less different from a professional gamer in the sense they play video games. A Game Tester plays the game, completes all the levels, and tests the game based on user experience, bugs, errors, voice-overs, dialogues, speed, and other elements to make sure the video game is error-free. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of the gaming industry, becoming a Game Tester could be a great option.

When looked at from the perspective of salary and reward, a career in gaming offers endless opportunities for professionals. As various championships and tournaments are held internationally, cash prizes and rewards are usually higher. However, suppose you are interested in a career in gaming but are not really a pro-gamer yet want to pursue a career within this industry. In that case, you can choose any of the above career paths. Moreover, a game developer’s salary in India ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.120,000 per month. Salaries and other perks for a career in gaming depend majorly on the gaming companies, skills, and level of expertise.Expertise and educational qualifications add a lot of value. For instance, with a Masters or Postgraduate degree, a game developer salary in India is comparatively higher than that of the graduates in similar fields.

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