About Us

Zillion Nerves Innovative Technology is an EdTech based company dedicated to provide high graded education to as many people as possible.
Zillion Nerves Innovative Technology has many divisions, each focusing on different sectors of School education, One of which is Zity Botz..


Why Zity Botz for your child?

Zity Botz provides A to Z knowledge to your child. The program has been developed to help younger generations confront upcoming challenges. Keeping in mind the updations in the school curriculum according to the National Education Policy, our modules have been designed especially for school students ranging from classes KG to XII.

Why ZityBotz for your child?

Enhances Problem-Solving Ability
Boosts Imagination

01. What is the program all about?

Zity Botz program has been developed to help our students strengthen themselves academically with the help of technology.

02. Is technology necessary at this young age?

Technology is what drives the world today and students need to be abreast of the developing world. Technology, also does, introduce a fun element into learning making the experience more interesting.

03. Why should Robotics be taught in schools?

Children tend to find it more interesting to be involved rather than just listening. Robotics gives them a free-hand, to do what their minds tell them. It makes them better equipped at handling life situations.

04. What is the new education policy of 2020?

The new National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) is a policy that aims to positively reform the educational system of India. The NEP lays particular emphasis on the development of the creative potential of each child. It introduces subjects such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Design Thinking. Activities involving coding will be introduced in the Middle Stage (starting with age 11).

5. How will learning Robotics benefit kids?

Robotics helps them develop problem solving skills and boosts their creativity. Practical training in coding and workshop will help them understand the importance of learning from their mistakes and also the potential of working as a team.


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