Zity Botz Activities

ZITY Seminar and Webinars

Seminars and Webinars will be conducted for students by eminent personalities around the world about current topics. Participation certificate will be given to the students.

Some of the topics are as follows:

  • Importance of the right use of Social Media in life
  • Technology advancements and proper usage
  • Ethical hacking

We live in an era where the orthodox form of education is not enough for succeeding in life. In fact, modern parents are very specific about the schools their wards get enrolled into. Schools should include elements like safety, experiential learning environment, skill development, etc.

ZITY Robo Gala

A fun, technical fest for schools where students can exhibit their works in robotics and other technologies. This can help students gain self-taught knowledge on how to work technology through practice making them active participants in other related events as well. 

ZITY Coding Carnival

A one-of-a-kind programming carnival to wake up the creative sides in students, to get a shot at learning coding and game development

This can help spark an interest towards technology since the game factor is bound to keep students on the edge of their seats.

ZITY Build-A-Bot

A program for building robots, where participants from different areas create unique robots in the form of a rapid-fire session for an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

ZITY Gaming Geeks

An interschool gaming competition, where students get a chance to unleash their creativity through games. 

ZITY Junior Scientist

A Tech fest to be conducted in schools to enable children to become sharper through the generation of ideas, helping them explore their interests in the field.

ZITY Scholar

A science and tech-based scholarship exam for students, which in turn helps financially backward students to get a chance to learn better.