Life is all about overcoming challenges and winning your way ahead. So is playing a video game. But what if we tell that you could win your way through life using games? Believe us; that is the best thing to happen. A career in the gaming industry is often underrated.

Ever-Evolving Earth, Never-Ending Opportunities: 101 of AI, Machine Learning and their future scope

From making life easier to re-imagining life, technology has evolved exponentially. In the new day where life begins with the click of a button, Artificial Intelligence has become the civilization’s spine. From controlling the humanoids to our Driverless Cars, AI finds its place in human life every day. It has

Let go the steam of studies with STEAM

Education needs evolution. Today’s students being the tomorrows of the world need to evolve and adapt to the challenges they encounter in the real world. The traditional education system has only focused on making the students memorize the textbook knowledge, which was usually spoon-fed to them by their particular subject

Evolution of Robotics

EVOLUTION OF ROBOTICS The word robot was first mentioned in a fictional play by Karel Čapek, a Czech writer. The story of play revolved around a company called Rossum’s Universal Robots, which was depicted to have gained immense popularity after starting to manufacture workers in large numbers. These so-called workers

Robotics in Schools

Robotics in Schools   It is important now more than ever to prepare students for the future as we now have a technology driven world. Robotics takes education technology to a new level, creating the next evolution in teaching. That’s because introducing robotics to schools means making STEM skills and

See Robot Spot 3D-Map a Ford Transmission Factory

Ford has announced it has leased a pair of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robotic dogs. Ford is using the robots to help it 3D-map its Van Dyke Transmission Plant. “By having the robots scan our facility, we can see what it actually looks like now and build a new engineering model. That