From making life easier to re-imagining life, technology has evolved exponentially. In the new day where life begins with the click of a button, Artificial Intelligence has become the civilization’s spine. From controlling the humanoids to our Driverless Cars, AI finds its place in human life every day. It has become so integrated with our lives that we forget to notice its presence. With the rapid advancement in technology, one can expect an entirely AI-managed Earth in the coming years.

Popular science-fiction has always infused the horror of an AI uprising someday in the journey of humankind. But have you ever thought of what it would be like to be the flawless creator of an AI that will rewrite the world’s destiny? It is said that “When in Rome, be like Romans.” With ever-evolving earth around, one cannot miss his way up on the ladder to progress. Thus, the need for learning a new language of living becomes significant.

Replacing the traditional educational realms of Engineering and Technology, the new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning curriculum have already taken over popular science schools. They prepare their prodigies for tomorrow, enabling them to be innovators who rewrite the world’s destiny. Popular companies like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, etc., are already running billion-dollar projects to substantiate learning in this area.

The benefits of this new realm of knowledge are countless. One can keep going all-day narrating how this benefits the self and the world. Artificial Intelligence is already being used in research projects for quick calculations and accurate analysis. Beyond this, a myriad of business sectors employs Artificial Intelligence.

Cyber Security is a crucial area where Artificial Intelligence finds its applications. High-end firms use sophisticated Artificial Intelligence modules to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Cognitive AI is an excellent example of this field. It detects and analyses threats while also providing insights to the analysts for making better-informed decisions. Artificial Intelligence comes in handy in detecting frauds and helps organizations and people in avoiding scams. For example, Recurrent Neural Networks are capable of detecting fraud in their early stages. They can scan extensive quantities of transactions quickly and classify them according to their trustworthiness.

The automotive industry has been making use of Artificial Intelligence for a long time now. From the autopilot in airplanes to the latest self-driving cars has made it beneficial for the greater crowd. Besides the big-billion aspects, Artificial intelligence finds its place in daily life more than ever. The “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google” that we say countless times is nothing but us conversing with the computer intellect.

Machine Learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence. It aids in building automated systems that can learn by themselves. Here, the system enhances its performance by learning from experiences without any human intervention. This helps the machines to make data-directed choices. The machines use learning from past experience using the available data to make predictions. For example, consider the use of Google Maps for navigation. It tries to show the fastest route with less traffic and congestion. It accomplishes this task by using Machine Learning algorithms. Machine Learning also aids fields such as the automotive industry, quantum computing, computer vision, robotics, and more.

According to Gartner’s studies on employment sectors, there will be 2.3 million job opportunities in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning realm by 2022. Also, a Machine Learning Engineer’s salary is much higher than the wages offered to other job profiles. According to Forbes, the average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer in the United States is US$99,007. In India, it is ₹865,257. One who is interested in being an expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning should have the following necessary skillset-

  • Programming
  • Understanding of data structures
  • Mathematics
  • Software engineering
  • Data mining and visualization
  • Machine Learning algorithms

To help young minds to make their way to the future, Zity Botz has carefully curated a curriculum inclusive of all the essential skills that one needs in mastering Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Through the interactive learning session spanning across a child’s school life, Zity Botz will culture the innovator in them to take over the future.

Zity Botz has divided four levels of STEAM learning coursework for four age groups in 12 different grades. By the time a Zity Botz student completes their school curriculum, they will also have four proficiency certificates, marking their mastery of essential elements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Shaping the learners’ skills with innovation and creativity, Zity Botz’s courses will guide their thoughts from the cradle to the grave.